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Learn about accredited nursing and medical trade schools near you with certificate, associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs. Use the application to find one near you or online.

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All programs are accredited and colleges offer financial aid assistance to students who qualify. Many schools offer online, evening, night and weekend class options.

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What Does an RN Do?

As a registered nurse, you’re part of a medical team made up of doctors, other nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Your duties will vary, depending on what type of medical facility you’re employed with.

4-8 Week Medical Billing & Coding Programs

Well, since some schools offering medical billing courses do allow you to "complete at your own pace" it is theoretically possible to complete one in 4 weeks. More realistically, some colleges will allow you to train for your medical coding certificate in about 6-8...

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

What does a dental hygienist do? On a typical day a dental hygienist works closely with the dentist and is responsible for a variety of tasks that include performing dental cleanings, taking and developing dental x-rays, filing patient records to track care and...

3-6 Month Massage Therapy Programs

Depending on which state you plan on earning your massage therapy license, the number of hours of training needed to become an LMT varies but averages about 600-750 hours. Can this be done in 3 months?  Let's see. 600 hours divided by 8 hour days is 75 days. Then 75...

What Does a Healthcare Administrator Do?

What does a healthcare administrator do? A healthcare administrator, also called a healthcare executive, plans, directs, coordinates and supervises the delivery of healthcare to patients. A healthcare administrator is often a specialist who manages a clinical...