Accredited Pharmacy Technician Programs

Find accredited pharmacy technician certificate training programs at local medical trade schools and online technical colleges near you.

Pharmacy technician certification programs with fast track, online and classroom schedule options are available depending on your location, use the search application for classes near you.

Salary Info: “Without having to go to school for years and years, you can make a median annual salary of $31K as a pharmacy technician. The top ten percent earn over the $45K mark.“[ref]

Pharmacy technician courses typically take 1-2 years to complete.

Colleges with Pharmacy Technician Programs

Not all colleges with pharmacy technology classes are listed here; use the program search for complete information.

What Pharmacy Technicians Do

When you aren’t answering the phone or helping customers with their scripts, you have a long list of duties you’ll be responsible for:

  • Get the pharmacist to answer customer questions
  • Handle the transactions for prescription pick up
  • Keep all customer information updated in the computer
  • Keep track of and organize the inventory
  • Collect information on incoming prescription fills and refills

You’ll work under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist who will review your work prior to releasing it the patient. You are able to mix some medication and compound as well as run the automatic dispensing units.

Try a pharmacy tech practice test.