Accredited Online Medical Assistant Programs (CMA)

Find an accredited online certified medical assistant (CMA) training program at a local college or online medical school near you. Use the program search application to see your options; CMA programs are available in most locations!

CMA = Certified Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant clinical responsibilities do vary, but can include:

  • taking medical histories
  • recording vital signs
  • prepping patients for exams
  • providing treatment and procedure explanations
  • assisting the doctor during an exam
  • collecting laboratory specimens
  • performing laboratory tests
  • disposing of contaminated supplies
  • sterilizing medical instruments

Schools with Certified Medical Assistant Programs

And many others, our partner schools offer online CMA training almost everywhere in the US.

Job Outlook and Salary For Medical Assistants

A huge growth in employment is projected for Medical Assistants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics site states there will be a 23% growth between now and 2024. This is much faster than most other occupations. A couple factors driving this huge employment increase for medical assistants are the aging of the baby-boomers, and expanding physician practices to accommodate their patient-base. Because there is so much growth within doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, medical assistants are necessary to keep the administrative and clinical aspects running smoothly.

Medical assistants, on average, earn $30,590 annually. The highest 10% will make an annual salary of $43,880, and those new to the field will earn $22,040. Keep in mind, these numbers are the national average but factors such as geographic location, type of practice, and amount of experience can make those salaries look different across the nation.


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