Accredited Online Medical Billing Programs

Find an accredited online medical billing program at a local medical trade school using the course search application. All listed colleges are accredited and have financial aid assistance if you qualify.

The medical billing process begins with the medical care provider-patient visit and ends with payment collection. During this time, a medical billing specialist and a medical coding specialist are deeply involved.”

Online medical coding programs are available in most areas.

Colleges with Online Medical Billing Programs

All listed schools are accredited. and have financial aid assistance for students who qualify.

Salary Information

Whether your career is in a healthcare facility like a hospital, a nursing facility or a physician/dentist office, you will have a variety of employment options to consider.

  • Hospitals, pay: $40,510
  • Physician Office, pay: $33,030
  • Nursing Facilities, pay: $35,910
  • Outpatient Care, pay: $38,400