Nursing Professional Development Programs

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Nursing Professional Development Specialists, also known as a Nurse Educator is a position that is in very high demand. Nurse Educators work in areas of academia such as nursing schools, colleges, and technical schools. Nursing Professional Development is a field of specialty for Registered Nurses who hold advanced degrees.

Becoming a Nursing Professional Development Specialist, Nurse Educator

At the very minimum, you must start out as a Registered Nurse with a few years of experience in the field before you can start on a path to become a Nurse Educator. Although many Nursing Professional Development Specialists have Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN), many also choose to get their Doctorate so they can teach on a university level. MSN programs are offered both online and on-site which makes it convenient to continue working while attending classes.

When a Registered Nurse is interested in becoming a Nurse Educator, it is recommended to enroll in a Doctor of Nursing Philosophy program. However, this is an optional step. You must also have passed the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses before starting your advanced degree path as well as working as a Registered Nurse for two or more years in the area of academia. You are now eligible to sit for a Nurse Educator certification exam which will allow you to work as a Nursing Professional Development Specialist.

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