Learn About Medical and Related Careers

CMA Practice Test (AAMA)

This is a short CMA (certified medical assistant) practice test designed to give you an introduction to the types of questions that might be asked on your official AAMA certification exam.

What a Medical Scientist Does

There are currently 120K medical scientists working in the U.S. A medical scientist’s priority is to research and develop ways to improve health issues through clinical trials and other methods.

What a Physiologist Does

Once you’re a physiologist of any kind, you’ll be working in both a lab and an office. You’ll probably work full time, with a typical 8-8.5 hours per day.

What a Medical Secretary Does

What a Medical Secretary Does You can find secretaries in almost every industry, and medical is no exception. Someone needs to hold down the fort! In 2016, there were over 4 million secretaries in the United States, and over 500K worked in the medical field. Medical...

Accredited Online CMA Training in 6 Weeks

Find accredited online CMA (certified medical assistant) training programs near you that take as little as 6 weeks. You will earn good money in a short amount of time with CMA training and it is a great stepping stone career!

Accredited 6 Week CNA Training

There is a growing need for certified nursing assistants across the US and you can become one in about 6 weeks. There are accredited online classes available in many locations across the US.

What an Athletic Trainer Does

Athletic training is sometimes—actually way too often—confused with sports medicine or personal training. The careers may live in the same house, but they all have separate rooms. Athletic training is what happens when you cross sports with medicine.

What a Veterinary Assistant Does

What are veterinary assistants? Veterinary assistants are the right hand (wo)man to both the vet tech and veterinarian. You’ll work in animal hospitals and clinics alongside veterinarians, vet technicians, and vet technologists as support and care staff.

What is A Lab Technician?

Q: What is a lab technician? A: Lab techs that work in the healthcare industry perform a lot of hands-on work. As a lab tech, you’ll be the one receiving all those bodily fluid samples such as blood and urine. Once you have them, you’ll run a battery of tests to...

What an EMT Does

Q: What does an EMT do? A: As an Emergency Medical Technician, you’re a first responder providing medical assistance for those who are sick or injured. You can be called to any variety of emergency scenes, whether it’s a car accident, weather-related disaster, or...

What a CNA Does

Q: What does a certified nursing assistant do? A: A CNA provides essential care for patients that reside in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. Their typical focus is on patient hygiene, movement of bed-ridden patients, record patient information for...