Learn About Medical and Related Careers

What a Radiation Therapist Does

What a Radiation Therapist Does To aid in the fight against diseases like cancer, radiation is part of the prescribed treatment. A radiation therapist is trained to strategically administer the disease-fighting radiation. When you’re a radiation therapist, you use...

What a Respiratory Therapist Does

To be a respiratory therapist, you need to be compassionate, patient, and good with people. Those qualities, plus a heaping helping of health, biology, math, chemistry, and physics classes

What a Biological Technician Does

As a biological technician, you’ll be assisting medical and biological scientists as they conduct their research and experiments. You may work in many different areas of research

What a Medical Equipment Service Tech Does

Medical equipment service technicians, also known in the medical industry as biomedical equipment technicians, are the professionals who are trained to install, maintain, and repair all the medical equipment.

What a Pharmacologist Does

Pharmacologists are considered medical scientists, which means you’ll need a lot of schooling before you can start your career. To become a pharmacologist, you’ll…

What a Physical Therapy Assistant Does

As a physical therapy assistant (PTA), you’ll be the right-hand person to a physical therapist. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to help your patients recover from what injuries and illnesses ails them.

What An Audiologist Does

Audiologists help patients with hearing, balance, or any problems related to their ears using diagnostic and testing equipment such as computers, audiometers, and other industry-related devices

What A Medical Technologist Does

You, a medical technologist, will work in a lab of many sizes. You’ll be the supervisor to medical lab technicians, and your duties will be on a higher level

What An RN Does

As a registered nurse, you’re part of a medical team made up of doctors, other nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Your duties will vary, depending on what type of medical facility you’re employed with.

Accredited Online CMA Training in 6 Weeks

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What a Medical Secretary Does

You can find secretaries in almost every industry, and medical is no exception. Someone needs to hold down the fort! In 2016, there were over 4 million secretaries in the United States, and over 500K worked in the medical field. Medical secretaries are an integral...