Pharmacy Technician Certificate Practice Test – PTCB

This pharmacy technician certification practice exam is designed to test your knowledge of concepts covered in the official PTCB exam. Find a pharmacy tech program.


You passed! Nicely done.
You did not pass. Correct answers are: 1- Which of the following cannot be refilled under any circumstances?
  • Methylphenidate
2- Valproic acid syrup is available as 250 mg/5cc. If a patient were taking 1000 mg in the morning and 750 mg in the evening, how many cc of syrup would you dispense for a 30-day supply?
  • 1050 cc
3- If a patient were taking Glyburide for the treatment of Type II diabetes and a physician prescribed him Chlorpropamide, what should a pharmacy technician do?
  • Notify a pharmacist about duplication of therapy.
4- All of the following drugs should be carefully prescribed with aspirin EXCEPT:
  • Metoclopramide
5- An overdose of Coumadin can be treated with:
  • Vitamin K
6- Prochlorperazine can be classified as an:
  • Anti-emetic
7- A patient is taking Amoxicillin 500 mg by mouth, three times a day for 7 days. How many capsules of 500 mg of Amoxicillin will you dispense?
  • 21
8- The cost for 100 tablets of Olanzapine is $420.00. The percentage markup on the prescription is a 15. What would be the retail cost for 30 tablets of Olanzapine?
  • $145
9- How much 3% salicylic acid powder is required to mix with talc powder to prepare 0.20%, 500 grams of Salicylic acid?
  • 33 gm
10- Clopidogrel is classified as a(n):
  • Platelet aggregation inhibitor
11- All of the following drugs can be indicated for the treatment of asthma EXCEPT:
  • Metoprolol
12- A patient brings a prescription for Diazepam 10 mg to a pharmacy. Upon reviewing a profile, the prescription has already been refilled 5 times. The pharmacy technician will do which of the following?
  • Cannot refill. Notify the pharmacist.
13- Which of the following auxiliary labels is required when dispensing Otocort otic solution?
  • For ear only.
14- All of the following drugs are classified as colony and erythrocytes stimulators EXCEPT:
  • Tamsulosin
15- Lanoxin pediatric solution is available in 0.05 mg/ml. If a patient takes 0.25 mg of Lanoxin per day, what will be the dispensed quantity in mL for 30 days?
  • 150 cc
16- All of the following drugs need to be stored in a refrigerator EXCEPT:
  • Diflucan suspension
17- What is the brand name for Terazosin?
  • Hytrin
18- Haloperidol should be classified as which of the following?
  • Anti-psychotic
19- All of the following drugs can be used for the treatment of epilepsy EXCEPT:
  • Lovastatin

#1. All of the following drugs need to be stored in a refrigerator EXCEPT:

Diflucan suspension is correct

This is a practice test and should be used for entertainment purposes only. It’s based on an official study guide that’s a few years old.


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