Rheumatology Nursing Programs

Advancements are constantly being made in the field of Rheumatology so a good Rheumatology Nurse needs to have excellent research skills.

They need to be able to stay on top of or ahead of the game and to do that, they have to be aware of advancements so they can better assist their patients. A Rheumatology Nurse should be highly organized to better keep track of patients and their records. They should also be extremely compassionate as well as intuitive to make their patients and families at ease during stressful times. Their communication skills should be outstanding, both in listening as well as communicating. Not to mention they should be able to produce clear and concise documents which is part of communicating. Lastly, to add to the long list of qualities a Rheumatology Nurse should possess is exceptional anatomical knowledge, especially the areas of the body generally affected by rheumatism.

Becoming a Rheumatology Nurse

If you are interested in specializing as a Rheumatology Nurse, you must first get either a two or four-year nursing degree and pass the national licensing exam called NCLEX-RN. Getting that certification allows nurses to legally practice. Before you can even begin your specialization, you have to work as a Registered Nurse for a minimum of two years and a minimum of 1,500 clinical hours in Rheumatology Nursing plus an additional 30 hours of continuing education. You will then need to complete two professional development categories which include presentations, class credits, research or publication, or professional services.

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