Accredited California Medical Assistant Schools

Find accredited classroom and online certified medical assistant (CMA) training classes or associate’s degree programs in California. Use the course search application to find your accredited California school with campus, online or hybrid online medical assisting class options.

California Medical Assistant Schools

UEI – Across California & online class options

Summit College – Colton & online class options

Institute of Technology – Clovis, Modesto & online class options

Blake Austin College – Vacaville & online class options

What classes will I take in my medical assistant program?

Generally, some things you’ll learn in class on your way to becoming a medical assistant are:

  • biology and anatomy
  • basic patient care
  • communication skills
  • healthcare records and bookkeeping
  • medical insurance basics
  • basic laboratory procedure/protocol

Salary For Medical Assistants – Medical assistants, on average, earn $30,590 annually. The highest 10% will make an annual salary of $43,880, and those new to the field will earn $22,040.