Biology Degree Programs

Use the search application to find accredited biology degree programs at local colleges, universities and online medical vocational schools. If you’re in high school and decide your future is in biology there are some things you can do to prepare.

  • Take all the math and science classes you can.
  • Work as an intern in a lab or anywhere else biologists work

Not all courses are available in all locations; use the search application to see your local options.

“If you’re going to school for a degree in biology, you have quite a lot (actually, an overwhelming amount) of options. The same goes for the actual degree type. Biology degrees come in every size and shape, from a certificate up through the highest of doctorates. All you need to know is what you want to do and where you want to end up. Regardless of what degree you want, when you’re majoring in any type of science, you can expect a course load filled with lectures, labs, and field work.”[ref]

Colleges with Biology Programs

There are more schools offering biology, use the search application to get all your local choices.

Miles Community College Medical Programs

NEIT Medical Programs

Miller Motte Medical Programs

Fortis Institute Medical Programs

Coleman University Technical Courses (San Diego)

Iowa Central Community College Programs

Different Biology Career Fields

Because there are so many different career options within the field of biology, it would make for a very long and exhaustive list. Topics are animal, human, marine, molecular, and computational. Here’s a short list:

  • Research
  • Medical: Doctors, nurses, technicians, physical therapists
  • Animal Science: Includes marine biology, zoology, veterinarian, vet tech, and wildlife biology
  • Education: Become a biology teacher
  • Plants: Plants are living organisms
  • Molecular: Study all the molecules that make up organisms[ref]

All listed schools are accredited as of publication, financial aid assistance is available to those who qualify.