Learn about common requirements you’ll encounter when applying to a certified medical assisting program at your local medical trade school or an online college.

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Medical Assistant Program Requirements

The CMA program you apply to may have other requirements besides those mentioned here.


  • Have your high school transcripts, GED, or HSE certificate ready. You should also have your CPR certification.
  • Most schools require a physical exam and immunizations plus a background check if there is a clinical component to the program. Submitting to drug and alcohol screening is not uncommon.


  • Depending on the college or trade school you choose you may need to have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA and take math/English placement tests. Having two or three letters of recommendation from your teachers or former employers is smart.

Skill Level & Physical Qualifications

These skill level qualifications are less common, but being prepared is the point of this article.

  • Keyboarding test: 35 wpm
  • Computer competency exam (CSA Exam)

Since medical assistants must perform precise tasks with or without help, many CMA programs will have minimum physical qualifications.

  • Lift, push and pull 50 pounds
  • Remain standing or sitting up to 8 hours.
  • Reach above shoulder level
  • Reach below waist level
  • Have free range of motion during bend/squat

Remember to always complete your applications by their deadline. And as stated above, all colleges and trade schools have their own requirements. Where you live and the type of CMA program you’re applying for determines your actual requirements.

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