Job Description

Cardiovascular nurses work in cardiac care units of hospitals caring, as well as cardiac rehabilitation centers, with patients who have various forms of heart disease. Cardiovascular nurses treat patients of all ages, from the youngest on up. Their focus may be on preventative measures, patient education, or assisting with diagnostic tests. They may also go to the patient’s home to care for them as they recover.

A day in the life of a cardiovascular nurse can consist of treating patients, providing care post-op, monitoring tests such as stress tests, and educating the patient and their family on lifestyle changes for better heart health.

How much does a Cardiovascular Nurse make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have data specific to Cardiovascular Nursing. Registered Nurses in 2015 made a median annual salary of $66,640. Salary is also dependent on how experienced you are and where you are working. The job outlook for nursing is expected to grow 16% through 2024. Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States. Because of how prevalent heart disease is and because more people now have healthcare coverage, cardiovascular nurse positions are growing tremendously.

Cardiovascular Nursing