Nursing is a demanding career, to be certain. However, all nursing fields are highly rewarding making those demands all worthwhile. Nurses are the largest workforce within the medical field. There are so many career paths to choose within the nursing field. Money may not be a determining factor for many when choosing to become a nurse. Here are the five highest paid nursing careers.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are the highest paid in nursing. They make on average $165,120 annually which is why CRNA is one of the most competitive positions in the nursing field. The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist works alongside surgeons, anesthesiologists and other healthcare professionals administering all types of anesthesia for all kinds of surgeries and procedures.

Nurse Practitioner Nurse Practitioners are nurses with advanced degrees who are qualified to work in all areas of the healthcare industry. The NP may work in pediatrics or with the elderly and everything in between, depending on which specialty they choose. The Nurse Practitioner provides basic care, comprehensive exams, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe medications in most states. They have a wide variety of employment options. The annual median salary for NP’s,  according to the website, is $110,930. All nurses salaries are determined by geographical location as well as which type of medical facilities the nurses are employed with.

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Mental Health Nurse Practitioners work in the mental health field. Their patients range from young to the elderly. MHNP’s often work with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other mental healthcare providers with patients being treated with a variety of mental health issues. There is a large variety of subspecialities within the field, as well. Mental Health Nurse Practitioners may decide to work in a correctional facility, a mental health facility, or they can open their own practice. The average salary for a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner is $106,670.

Nurse Midwife The American College of Nurse Midwives predicts that one in 10 babies will be delivered by Certified Nurse Midwives. The Certified Nurse Midwife used to be exclusive to women but, in recent years, more male nurses are exploring this option. A Certified Nurse Midwife works with Ob/Gyn’s to assist with a full range of women’s health issues from exams to neonatal care. They are qualified to work in medical facilities as well as right in their patients home. The average salary for Certified Nurse Midwives working in the United States is $103,640.

Nurse Researcher Nurse Researchers take research questions, conduct scientific studies, and report their findings. They may be educators or write articles and reports for the medical community. The Nurse Researcher is a scientist who strives to improve the entire healthcare system from care to outcome. The Nurse Researcher’s annual salary averages around $90,000.


edited: 10/24/18