Registered Nurses that hold a bachelor’s degree have greater job options. They can find roles in a number of positions including:

  • Chief Nursing Officers
  • Nurse Anesthetists
  • Critical Care Nurses
  • Labor and Delivery Nurses
  • Clinical Nurse Managers
  • Patient Educators

Nowadays, instead of nurses giving bedside care, they are a greater part of the medical team. Registered nurses are in high demand due to low volume causing the job outlook to grow tremendously. Due to the change in insurance and people having greater access to it, there is a strong need for registered nurses.

Job Outlook for Registered Nurses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the job outlook for registered nurses is expected to grow by 7% between now and 2029. This is faster than most other professions and for many different reasons. The growing aging population has more medical problems than the younger population and will need more medical care.

The Health Reform is a huge factor in job growth because more Americans have become insured and are beginning to take better care of themselves. More nurses will be needed in settings such as doctor’s offices, clinics, and other facilities that give medical care.

Hospitals are releasing patient’s faster than ever which is increasing the demand for inpatient care facilities and outpatient treatment centers. Also, in-home care is on the rise due to patients being released from hospitals earlier due to financial constraints.

With more urgent care facilities opening up on every corner, registered nurses are needed there to support the medical staff. And outpatient care centers that provide treatments such as chemotherapy, stroke and head trauma care, rehab, and surgeries that do not require overnight hospital stays.

Job Prospects for Registered Nurses

The sky’s the limit for registered nurses. There are a great variety of roles for Registered Nurses, particularly those who hold a Bachelor’s of Science Degree. They have a better chance of being hired than someone with a lesser degree.

Registered Nurses that hold a bachelor’s degree have greater job options. They can find roles as Chief Nursing Officers, Nurse Anesthetists, Critical Care Nurses, Labor and Delivery Nurses, Clinical Nurse Managers, and Patient Educators.

Registered Nurse Average Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that Registered Nurses median annual salary in 2020 was $75,330. The top 10% made an annual salary of $116,230 and the lower 10% brought in an annual pay of $53,410. Salary is usually location dependent as well as education and experience. – RN BLS

The top paying industry for nurses to work in is business support but the federal government isn’t far behind and employs a much larger number of individuals. Here’s the top 5 industries and the mean salary for each.

  • Business Support Services – $106,670
  • Federal Executive Branch – $96,230
  • Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing – $92,110
  • Other Investment Pools and Funds – $91,990
  • Office Administrative Services – $89,490

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