Demand in the medical field is expected to increase drastically across most of its careers. In particular, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for medical assistants is expected to drastically increase 16 percent by 2030. This set increase is significantly faster than the national average for all occupations.

If you’re looking to explore medical assisting school options in the tri-state area, simply read further! We partner with accredited schools across New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey that provide their students with the best training and education possible.

The time it takes to complete med assisting school depends on the school you attend, but typically, you can be career-ready in as few as 10 months.

Medical Assistant Schools in New York

Swedish Institute a College of Health Sciences

The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences prides itself in both its great location and reputation. Its medical assisting program teaches students how to perform standard examinations, take patient vital signs, phlebotomy/hematology techniques, laboratory procedures, patient care, and more. Graduates receive a certificate recognized by the New York State board and are eligible to enroll in a degree program as well.


St. Paul’s School of Nursing

As pandemic precautions adjust, St. Paul’s School of Nursing provides classes mainly online, but there will be some hybrid remote learning and on-campus options. Students are given the opportunity to fine tune their real world experience by participating at primary, secondary, and tertiary care facilities. Standards of quality medical assisting are upheld to not only prepare students for graduation, but a successful career ahead.


Mildred Elley

Mildred Elley is dedicated to providing up-to-date courses and professional development, because the climate of employment in medical industries continues to evolve. Both degree and certificate programs are offered. Mildred Elley also offers outstanding medical assisting programs in a clinical, technical, and administrative setting. With small class sizes, academic support, and job placement programs, their dedication to the industry is unmatched.


The College of Westchester

Centered around student success, The College of Westchester stands out in its dedication and credentials. The College of Westchester equips students with academic coaches and career services to help students stay on track toward becoming successful medical assistants in both clinical and administrative roles. Credits are transferable to their associate degree program, as well.


Medical Assistant Schools in New Jersey and Connecticut

Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech courses are created to prepare students for their career before they graduate with a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. Top-of-the-line equipment is used at Lincoln Tech’s labs to provide students with the latest technology and skills in an evolving industry. Lincoln Tech students are ready to make a difference in the medical assistant field, and beyond.



Fortis understands the high-demand and expansion of the medical industry and dedicates themselves to preparing students with leading experience and education. Whether a student is training to work in public or private hospitals, inpatient and outpatient facilities, optometrist offices, etc., training at Fortis opens the door to opportunities ahead. A diverse, and well-rounded curriculum is available for all Fortis students.


Eastwick College

Eastwick College prides itself on a focused curriculum and their esteemed reputation – with no difference in their medical assisting program. By providing students with a coordinated set of classes each semester, Eastwick students are guaranteed the classes needed to graduate on time, including externships! Students are prepared for a successful career as a medical assistant through their exceptional curriculum.


Medical Assistant Training Everywhere

If you are considering medical assistant training in the tri-state area, there are many beautiful and accredited campuses where you can begin your journey. If you are interested in medical assistant training in different parts of the nation, find med assistant training near you!

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