Certified Addictions Registered Nurse

Job Description

Addiction Nurses spend their days taking care of patients who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. They work in rehabilitation clinics but may also find job opportunities in hospitals or private practices. Because the patient is so needy, both emotionally and physically, the Certified Addictions Registered Nurse works very closely with them to see to it they are comfortable as they can be while detoxing.

A Certified Addictions Registered Nurse may also provide support for the family of the patient, helping them create a game plan to keep the patient off of drugs upon discharge. They may also travel to different places, educating others on the dangers of drugs and addiction as well as overcoming addiction.

To be successful as a CARN, one must be self-directed and motivated. Also, they should be empathetic and have strong organizational skills.

Salary and Job Outlook

Registered Nurses earn a median salary of $67,490. The highest earners will bring home $101,630 annually. Salary of Addictions Nurses may be a bit higher depending on where they work. The more degrees and certifications the Certified Addictions Registered Nurse has, the better their salary may be.

Employment for nurses is expected to grow 16% through 2024 which is much faster than other occupations. One of the reasons for the expected growth is due to the fact that there will over 700,000 nursing jobs added over the next decade.