There is a strong demand for nurses, especially as more Americans are becoming insured thanks to the Health Care Reform. The predicted job growth for nursing, as a whole, is significantly faster than all other careers. There are so many different degrees for nurses but one that is highly recommended and will set you above the competition is a Master’s of Science Nursing (MSN).

Benefits of a MSN

  • There are significantly better job prospects when you hold a MSN. Nursing professionals find jobs fairly easily but the higher your degree, the easier it is to gain employment. Not to mention the salary for nurses with a MSN is higher.
  • A nurse with a MSN makes an average salary of $96,375 according to Nurses that have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing make an average of over $77,000 annually. Some of the highest paying nursing jobs for those with a MSN are nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives who earn over $100,000 annually, and nurse researchers that make over $95,000 per year. While money shouldn’t be a determining factor when choosing your profession, it definitely helps to know there will be financial stability when you join the workforce.
  • The amount of personal satisfaction that goes along with holding a MSN is unparalleled. To realize a dream and to be rewarded both in job satisfaction and salary is an amazing feat that so many want to yet don’t achieve.
  • It’s easier to specialize when you have an advanced degree such as a Masters of Science Nursing. You can pursue an area of interest, whether it’s women’s health, pediatrics, addictions, or any other specialized field. Getting a MSN also prepares you to educate or go into administration.
  • Having an MSN ensures job security. It also helps in future job searches, should you ever be laid off. In the healthcare industry, those with less experience or degrees would be let go first.
    Nurses with an MSN can be a nurse educator. You can be a role model and mentor to those just starting out in the field of nursing. An MSN will allow you to be an educator that leads clinical classes or teaches nursing in a healthcare facility.

Anyone who chooses to enter the nursing field should consider getting their Master’s of Science Nursing. It is also considered a stepping stone on the path from nursing to receiving a doctorate in nursing, which opens up even more opportunity.

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