Ambulatory Care Nurses tend to patients who do not require hospitalization. Instead of hospitals, ambulatory care nurses work in clinics and doctors offices where they care for and treat patients with chronic illnesses and injuries on an outpatient basis.

Ambulatory Care Nurses can choose to specialize in their field. They may work specifically with pediatrics or geriatrics, for example. They can also decide to specialize within in certain field of diseases or injuries. There are a lot of options for those going into ambulatory care nursing.

Unlike nurses that work crazy hospital hours, ambulatory care nurses find they have more stable work schedules. They also do not have as many health emergencies that they deal with on a daily basis which makes ambulatory care nursing a less stressful job option.

How Much Does an Ambulatory Nurse Make?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, there are more Americans than ever with access to health insurance. In turn, more people are able to seek medical treatment which is causing doctor’s offices and clinics to be exceptionally busy places. The mean yearly salary an RN in 2022 was $89,010.

Salary info updated in 2023.

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