What is an Advanced Forensic Nurse?

Advanced Forensic Nurses have extensive training in science. They use scientific methods to gather evidence for solving crimes. They are still expected to perform typical nursing duties such as treating their sick patients. But, they also act as a bridge between medicine and the law.

While treating patients, forensic nurses may look for signs of forced trauma, especially if there is evidence that things are not what they appear to be. They are also tasked with compiling evidence from a potential sexually related crime or other disturbing potential scenarios. Also, the forensic nurse may be asked to appear as an expert witness during a criminal trial.

Advanced forensic nurses work everywhere within the medical industry. Due to the circumstances of their work, there may be stress involved but that should be alleviated once a crime is solved and justice prevails.

Job Outlook and Salary for Advanced Forensic Nursing

The annual median salary of a forensic nurse is $89,010. The bottom 10% will earn $61,250 and the highest 10% will bring home over $129,400. Salary is dependent on experience and job location.

The job outlook for most nursing careers is over 6% through 2031. This is significantly faster growth than most other occupations. The more certifications and the more training the forensic nurse has, the better position they will find.