There is a growing need for nursing assistants across the US and you can become one in about 6 weeks. There are accredited local and online CNA schools available in many locations across the US. Use the CNA search application for information.

You can find CNA programs at:

  • Red Cross
  • Community Colleges
  • Trade & Vocational Schools
  • Some hospitals

Once your CNA training is complete, you need to take the certification exam before you can get a job. The average annual salary for a CNA is over 26 thousand dollars, the top 10 % earns close to $40,000. The career has a high turnover rate, that means there are many openings for qualified people.

Use the application to find an accredited 6 week certified nursing assistant program near you.

Q: What does a certified nursing assistant do?

A: A CNA provides essential care for patients that reside in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. Their typical focus is on patient hygiene, movement of bed-ridden patients, record patient information for nurses to review, measure the vital signs, and serve food to the patients that can not feed themselves. Depending on their level of training and the state they are employed in, they may be able to give medication to patients. Certified Nursing Assistants can not draw blood or perform diagnostic tests.“[ref]