Depending on which state you plan on earning your massage therapy license, the number of hours of training needed to become an LMT varies but averages about 600-750 hours.

Can this be done in 3 months?  Let’s see. 600 hours divided by 8 hour days is 75 days. Then 75 days divided by 5 day weeks is 15 weeks. Since there are about 4 weeks in a month we divide 15 by 4 and we get our rough estimate of 3.75 months. If you need 750 hours that would add nearly another month to that estimate. 🙂

Without the math, 3 month accelerated massage therapy training programs are a less common option but may be found at some schools, 6 month programs are more common. There are even some degree programs available and they take 2-4 years. It really just depends on how specialized you want your skills to be.

An accredited massage therapy training program is a must, since massage therapists need to be licensed in most of the states. There are different sets of requirements in each state but all states do require that you pass the MBLEx exam.

How much do licensed massage therapist courses cost?

“With massage therapy school averaging between 600-750 hours, the bottom line cost of the education is approximate $6,000-$10,000 before the necessary school supplies are purchased. If you go to a community college, the cost of the course runs on par with the school’s tuition per credit hour, but private massage therapy schools will have different prices.

Massage therapy school prices can range anywhere between $6-$17 per hour of class time with an average of $9-$10/hour of education. The shorter the massage therapy program is, the less it will cost. Some programs do include the cost of the chair or table which runs around $500.

Try a practice MBLEx exam.

Search for an accredited massage therapy school near you.

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