Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Description

AHCNS work in environments such as hospitals, clinics, private practices, health centers, and long-term care facilities. They work alongside the nursing staff to develop and initiate patient care procedures. They evaluate the current practices and determine a better route if it’s not already optimal. The AHCNS also makes administrative decisions such as allocating staff and funds. After the initial examination of a patient, the AHCNS will create a specialized treatment plan as well as educate the family on how to best manage the patient’s condition.

Job Outlook and Pay for AHCNS

The more experience the Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist has, the more they will earn. The mean pay for a AHCNS is $89,010 but some will earn an annual salary well above $129,400. The top paying states for nursing are California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Massachusetts.

Clinical nurses are in high demand and therefore are able to find well-paying positions anywhere in the United States. Many are given large sign-on bonuses and packages, as well. The job outlook for a clinical nurse specialist is predicted to grow 6% through 2031.