Licensed Practical Nurses, under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse, provide basic patient care. The majority of LPN’s work in nursing and healthcare facilities while others find positions in doctors offices, hospitals, and home health care services.

Licensed Practical Nurse Duties Include…

Depending on which state the LPN works in will determine what duties are acceptable. Typically a Licensed Practical Nurse will monitor the patient’s health such as taking their temperature and blood pressure, they change bandages and catheters, bathe and dress the patient, and keep detailed records on patient care and progress.

A Licensed Practical Nurse may also reinforce the instructions of the registered nurse by showing the family how to take care of the patient at home. They may also help to deliver and care for infants, collect samples from patients, and they may even have to feed patients who are unable to feed themselves. In some states an LPN is allowed to start IV’s and administer medications.

Those interested in becoming LPN’s should possess certain qualities. Because they are working within the healthcare system, they should be compassionate and patient. Potential Licensed Practical Nurses should also be detail oriented and have strong interpersonal and speaking skills.

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