There are so many schools with excellent nursing programs in the United States that it can make it difficult when it comes time to choose which one to attend. There are many factors determining which nursing schools are considered to be top notch. Here are five fully accredited top nursing schools for 2016 that are located in the US. There are many schools that specialize so we will highlight many more top schools in forthcoming posts.

Top 5 Nursing Schools for 2016

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing: Tuition for Johns Hopkins Nursing School is $36,216 per year for the master’s program. The campus, which hosts the nation’s oldest nursing program, is located in Baltimore, Maryland and is a private university. The application fee is $75 for US residents and the deadline is January 1. The total graduate enrollment is around 500 students to a faculty of 60 members. The Nursing Program at Johns Hopkins, founded in 1889, is ranked #1 in the United States. They have several licensure programs, as well as the top master’s program, Doctorate of Nursing Practice, and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degree programs.

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing: With a yearly tuition of $38,060, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, also called “SON”, comes in at #2. SON offers both graduate and undergraduate nursing programs. University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, PA and is a private school. The application deadline is July 1 and there is an $80 enrollment fee for US residents. There are 94 faculty members and over 600 students enrolled in the graduate program. The primary focus is on science and research. They offer BSN degree, RN to BSN bridge programs, advanced practice nursing specialty programs, and nine RN specialty programs.

University of California San Francisco School of Nursing: Tuition for University of California San Francisco is $26,803 per year for residents of California and $39,048 for out-of-state. These are master’s degree program prices. The deadline to enroll is February 1st and there is a $90 application fee for US residents. There are 92 full-time faculty members. University of California San Francisco is ranked #4 but they also have seven specialty nursing programs that are in the top 10 best nursing programs in the nation.

University of Washington School of Nursing: The University of Washington has the 3rd finest nursing program in the United States. In-state tuition is $21,370 and out-of-state tuition is $31,542. They offer bachelor’s degrees through advanced practice degrees in nursing and have a modified four-quarter program for licensed RN’s to obtain their BSN. The program is offered both at the Tacoma and Bothell campuses. Their application fee is $85 and the application deadline is January 15. There are 70 full-time faculty members. .

Duke University: Duke University is a private school located in Durham, North Carolina. Their application deadline is December 1 with an enrollment fee of $50 for US residents. Tuition is by credit hour and full time, each credit has a cost of $1,568. There is a full time staff of 88 with 94% holding advanced degrees. They offer BSN, MSN, DNP, and and Ph.D programs. For over a decade, Duke University has consistently been in the top 10 nursing schools within the United States and is one of the top ranked for men who go into nursing.
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