Learn About Medical & Nursing Careers

Ever wondered what a medical assistant, registered nurse, CNA, surgical technologist or dental lab technician does? You came to the right blog. Read our medical and nursing careers guide to learn about job descriptions, educational paths, salaries and employment opportunities too.

What Does a Medical Secretary Do?

You can find secretaries in almost every industry, and medical is no exception. Someone needs to hold down the fort! In 2016, there were over 4 million secretaries in the United States, and over 500K worked in the medical field. What does a medical secretary...

Nursing School Requirements

You’re compassionate and hardworking. Helping people is what you were born to do. So it makes complete sense that you’re considering going to nursing school. Nursing school has its own set of requirements so here are some things you’ll need to know before applying to...

What Does An MRI Technologist Do?

To properly diagnose some patients, doctors need a series of diagnostic tests including an MRI, which is an acronym for magnetic resonance imaging. It takes a professional who is qualified to operate the machine to perform this non-invasive procedure.

How Much is Medical Assistant School?

A one-year medical assisting program to receive a diploma through a vocational school or online college can cost between $1,200-$4,200 depending on which US state and particular program you choose. The same program at a local community college may cost $2,500-$10,000....

What Does a Dental Lab Technician Do?

What does a dental lab technician do? Dental lab tech's design and manufacture dentures and other types of dental replacements. They may also choose to specialize in areas like crowns and bridges, implants, dentures or partial dentures, or orthodontics. Because it...

What Does A Medical Scientist Do?

There are currently 120K medical scientists working in the U.S. A medical scientist’s priority is to research and develop ways to improve health issues through clinical trials and other methods.

What Does A Radiation Therapist Do?

To aid in the fight against diseases like cancer, radiation is part of the prescribed treatment. A radiation therapist is trained to strategically administer the disease-fighting radiation. When you’re a radiation therapist, you use equipment to deliver radiation to...

What Does A Respiratory Therapist Do?

To be a respiratory therapist, you need to be compassionate, patient, and good with people. Those qualities, plus a heaping helping of health, biology, math, chemistry, and physics classes

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

What does a home health aide do? Your responsibilities as a home health aide will vary case by case. You may have to administer oral medications, check stats, assist patients with their braces or artificial limbs, and help them mobilize, dress, and bathe. Your...

Accredited 6 Week CNA Programs

There is a growing need for certified nursing assistants across the US and you can become one in about 6 weeks. There are accredited online classes available in many locations across the US.

What Does a Radiologic Technician Do?

What does a radiologic technician do? As a radiologic technician (x-ray tech), you will work directly under a radiologist using imaging techniques such as basic x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, fluoroscopy, and computed tomography. Radiologic Technician...

What Does a Biological Technician Do?

As a biological technician, you’ll be assisting medical and biological scientists as they conduct their research and experiments. You may work in many different areas of research

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